Our Vision: To Empower Lives with Support and Education

We are committed to aiding victims of domestic violence and human trafficking, and supporting organizations that combat these crises, both locally and globally. We ardently believe in and advocate for global, value-driven education as a fundamental path towards liberation and self-sufficiency. Our mission intertwines compassionate support with educational empowerment, embracing a world where every individual can rise above adversity and live freely and fully.

We are all crafted in the image of the Creator, destined for good works, finding our true value in uplifting and supporting one another with our individual abilities through life's journey.

Our Action: Local and Global

We give a portion of every dollar earned to local and global non- profits who are working to combat these issues and working to rehabilitate those affected through restorative collaboratives. 

$246,741 Given since 2016
Sherpa Real Estate - Pagosa Springs, Colorado
2383 Eagle Drive
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