Our Values

Be the Guide

Excellence | Authenticity | Integrity | Innovation

Be Second

People over Projects, Profits and Preferences | Collaboration | Promote Humanity’s Well Being

Be Relational

Be Thankful | Be Present | Be Likable | Have Fun

Our Vision

Every transaction enabling a deeper connection with things that are authentic, true, lasting, excellent, relational and breathe into humanity life to the fullest.

Our Mission

To give the highest level of Real Estate representation and advocacy that we can while working as Buyer and Seller agents , always learning, growing and collaborating as a team to improve our skill and service levels. Continually reinventing processes using innovative technology to support excellent service . Finding the most value interacting with the people we serve and our colleagues while promoting the wellbeing of humanity in the process.
Sherpa Real Estate - Pagosa Springs, Colorado
2383 Eagle Drive
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147