We are a full service real estate company operating primarily in Pagosa Springs Colorado.

We believe we do 2 things very well, and possibly a little differently than any other company in this area.

1- Provide extremely helpful and professional service. Pagosa Springs routinely has 3 types of buyers and sellers. Second Home, Investors and Primary Residents. We are adept at providing excellent, knowledgeable service to all 3 of these sectors. 

What does that mean? What services can I expect? 

  • Buyer and seller agency relationships
  • Educated buyer tours
  • Seller marketing (with professional photography)
  • ROI reports for investors
  • Market analysis for home seller's
  • Expert negotiation
  • Advice on area nuances
  • Seamless advice on area service providers (inspectors, builders, title companies, insurance etc)
  • Contract management from creation to close

2- We donate 7% of all of our gross earnings to Non- Profit. No gotchas or catches involved in this. We are a philanthropic real estate company who loves to give back. At closing 7% of our gross commissions will be donated. If you choose to donate a portion with us, than we can choose a cause together. Locally or globally, This can add up to a significant impact for those who are really in need. This does not alter our competitive commissions in any way. We like to call it a “Generosity Initiative”, and we think you’ll like it!