Sherpa Real Estate was launched in 2015 by Chris Liverett in the little mountain town of Pagosa Springs, Colorado. It was birthed out of a desire to meld absolute quality real estate services with a structure of business that promotes giving financially to those in need.

 We call it a  "Generosity Initiative"

Chris, founder and managing broker of Sherpa, has worked actively in the real estate market of Pagosa Springs since the Spring of 2006. He cut his teeth in the industry with the late Jerry Driesens. Jerry was his mentor as a real estate expert, and family man who cared more for those around him then he did for the bottom line.  Chris continued to work for two of the larger and more productive companies in town, Jim Smith Realty and Galles Properties.

Chris Liverett

The Sherpa Story

His love for the area, success in the industry, and a continued tug to create a business model that is able to simply give more to those in need, culminated into what is now known as Sherpa.

Our motto is "Get guidance. Give hope." We feel that we are living up to that motto.