Does everyone have the right to live free from violence?

When I first sat down with Carmen Hubbs and Ashley Wilson of Rise Above Violence to learn more about their organization , a statement Carmen made both set me back in my chair, and deeply endeared me to her passion...

 "Our goal is to work our way out of a job."

I knew I could get behind that.  I have always felt it is the responsibility and privilege of the common people, to provide, protect and support those who are need of provision, protection and support.


Rise Above Violence has a primary mission to assist victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, and they are making a big difference in Archuleta County.


April was Sexual Assault Awareness month, so Sherpa Real Estate made the decision to donate proceeds from several of our real estate transactions to them.



They have made certain that…

  •  Over 400 victims of violence will have immediate access to an advocate 24-hours a day.
  • 900 students receive valuable education on keeping themselves and their peers safe. 
  • Nearly 100 victims have an advocate with them, in person, immediately after a traumatic event, any time day or night.
  • Spanish-speaking individuals receive the same quality of advocacy and support services as all others do.
  • 200 victims fully understand, engage in and exercise their rights through civil and criminal justice advocacy.
  • 50 middle and high school students, women and children can attend support groups to receive counseling and therapeutic assistance.
  • Men, women and children will not be homeless or destitute due to their victimization. Over 40 will have help with rent, utilities, food, childcare, and transportation.
  • Over 25 girls grades 3rd – 6th can participate in Girls on the Run, a national girl empowerment program, strengthening self-image and promoting anti-bullying and respect of diversity in others.
  • Over 30 middle school wrestlers will participate in Coaching Boys to Men, teaching core values of respect and equality.



Thank you to all the hard working people at RAV that give of themselves to this great endeavor!

$1980 Donated to Feed The Children

Recently, the Goeckner family selected the local Rotary clubs' Food For Children  program to be the recipient of the donation from the proceeds of their land purchase

Shawn and Vicki bought a second home here in Pagosa several years ago with Chris. They are now in the early building stages of their dream home on a beautiful piece of land just north of town!

Shown here, the program's coordinators Jo Bridges and Lassie Owen receive the check presented by Shawn and Vicki Goeckner and their daughter, Gabrielle.


 Food For Children is a joint project of the local Morning Rotary Club and the Pagosa Rotary Club. 

If you would like to know how to partner with Sherpa Real Estate for any of your real estate transactions, and be able to give to YOUR favorite charity, give us a call!

Keuning family donates $2542.50 to Casa Hogar Los Angelitos

What a great place that the Keuning family has been supporting for many years!  I had the opportunity several years ago to visit Casa Hogar Los Angelitos with Dan and Lisl, and a handful of other friends, to see first hand the fantastic work that is being done in Manzanillo Mexico. 

A place where the founder and the staff have been pouring their lives out for many years to incrementally change the culture of poverty and disparity.

Make an impact

Casa Hogar Los Angelitos


A paragraph from their website says it best....

At Casa Hogar Los Angelitos children are given a safe place to live that offers them an opportunity to feel love and compassion, and change the cycle of poverty through education and self-improvement.  The belief that while providing basic needs are important, it is necessary to help develop the whole child guides the program at Casa Hogar Los Angelitos.  Through education, arts, sports faith and other programs, to truly break the cycle of poverty and ensure that children are given the opportunity to change their lives and become productive members of society, we invest in the whole child.

Thank you Keunings for giving to such a great cause, and thank you for letting Sherpa help you through your latest real estate transaction. You guys rock!



Silent Givers...

Many of our clients have chosen to give privately, there can be many reasons behind this, but we love the variety of organizations they choose.

There is such a myriad of great causes out there who cherish the support of others so they too can help those in need.

Knowing our clients take their time to think about what touches their hearts brings us a lot of joy

We want to share some of the most recent recipients with you to let you know when you work with Sherpa real estate, you can give to something more. Something that reflects your heart, as well. 

  1. Boy Scouts of America | Cub Scout Pack 807
  2. Pagosa Outreach Connection
  3. Wounded Warriors
  4. Thrive
  5. Pagosa Springs Humane Society
  6. Casa Hogar Los Angelitos (the Children's Foundation)
  7. Child Evangelism Fellowship
  8. The Mango Project
  9. Grace in Pagosa
  10. Texas Panhandle Honor Flight
  11. Go MAD Tanzania
  12. Feed our Children

We feel so amazed to be a part of a process that has gifted over $18,000 in 2017 already...and it's only May! 

This is possible 100% because of the participation of our fantastic clients...thank you all!


Cedar Creek Homes donates $2,477 to Living Waters Bible Camp

Cedar Creek Homes, with owners Kris Mashue and his wife Sarah, have been clients and great friends for over 10 years now. That reality made it such a pleasure to work with them on 3 projects this Spring, including the sell of their beautiful lakefront project @ 181 Island Place. 

By using Sherpa Real Estate to broker their transaction, they were able to donate to a Christian Camp and help some of the staff that is doing such a great work out in Wisconsin.

We love helping folks with their real estate needs, but seeing these fantastic organizations get the support they need  world wide - really is the icing on the cake!

Sherpa client gives toward helping the poor and broken

When one of our recent clients said he wanted to give toward the homeless but did not have a specific place in mind, it took me about 2 seconds to decide where we would direct those funds.  Urban Purpose. This is a non-profit started by my friend Jim McFarland several years ago who's purpose is defined in their vision statement -

"We believe that God loves all people. We believe that all people are broken and need to be healed. We believe that Christ brings healing through personal, consistent relationships."

I want to challenge you to look around and see what needs you could meet in the world in which you reside. Get involved with great people like Urban Purpose.

Learn more HERE at their blog.

Join the Generosity Initiative you'll be glad you did!

$1530 donated to Mary Fisher Foundation | Pagosa Springs Medical Center

Aaron and Shannon Singh were able to donate toward the new clinic canopy that will be installed at Pagosa Springs Medical Center by using Sherpa Real Estate to purchase their new home!


What a great place they have to raise their family. Thanks guys for allowing Sherpa Real Estate to help you in this transaction.