Our Savior Lutheran School gets over $2,000 through clients using Sherpa Real Estate

The past few months have continued to be busy and allow the generosity of our clients to shine.  A few of our clients have chosen to stay anonymous but we wanted to share with you one of the organizations they have helped continue to grow.


As children come and go Our Savior Lutheran School has continued to be a valuable part of Pagosa's community. They leave with new knowledge and a solid foundation to enter into this big world we live in. 

As times have changed, the school has gone from K-8 to Pre-school-1st grade and like many non-profits, funding has often been tricky. This is why it has been a true joy to watch over $2000 in donations find thier way into this cherished school, especially in the times when they may have needed it the most!

A big thank you for using Sherpa Real Estate and continuing to support local worthy causes.