Keuning family donates $2542.50 to Casa Hogar Los Angelitos

What a great place that the Keuning family has been supporting for many years!  I had the opportunity several years ago to visit Casa Hogar Los Angelitos with Dan and Lisl, and a handful of other friends, to see first hand the fantastic work that is being done in Manzanillo Mexico. 

A place where the founder and the staff have been pouring their lives out for many years to incrementally change the culture of poverty and disparity.

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Casa Hogar Los Angelitos


A paragraph from their website says it best....

At Casa Hogar Los Angelitos children are given a safe place to live that offers them an opportunity to feel love and compassion, and change the cycle of poverty through education and self-improvement.  The belief that while providing basic needs are important, it is necessary to help develop the whole child guides the program at Casa Hogar Los Angelitos.  Through education, arts, sports faith and other programs, to truly break the cycle of poverty and ensure that children are given the opportunity to change their lives and become productive members of society, we invest in the whole child.

Thank you Keunings for giving to such a great cause, and thank you for letting Sherpa help you through your latest real estate transaction. You guys rock!