Sherpa clients facilitate giving to "Among the Least"

Thanks to some of our long time friends, Jody and Barbara Ellis, who recently bought with us,  we had the wonderful opportunity to visit with the Hauger Family. The Hauger's were our last donation recipients and  are founders of Among the Least. We got to hear about the adoption process they are going through in Kenya as they returned to watch another child graduate from High School and set forth into a new future here in the United States. 

Thanks to our amazing clients we get to give to fantastic organizations like theirs that strives to help those widows and orphans in need. Thanks to the Haugers and their support team for  setting the example of active Hope for us all!

Among The Least is....

A wonderful organization which "exists to serve the least among us through biblical orphan care they embrace family preservation and adoption. Among the Least desires to walk alongside those fathering the fatherless and share the widows' burden by facilitating financial classes, skills training, "pay forward" micro loans, and service opportunities for widowed/single mothers in Kenya." Their equip others to care for orphans and widows and help them to prevent generational patterns of oppression by simply offering hope. 

CLICK HERE  to find out more about what Among the Least does!

CLICK HERE to find out more about what Among the Least does!