Your homes value...Are you keeping up with the Jones'

One of the popular residential areas for second home owners and primary home owners alike in Pagosa Springs can be found in the Pagosa Lakes Area. This area is sometimes known as Fairfield, Wyndham and PLPOA.

I get asked often what subdivision hold it's value the best?

That can obviously shift and change over time. However, here are some numbers that reflect the SOLD home values over the past 2 years, in these respective subdivisions.


Home Values by Subdivision in Pagosa Lakes


Of course this is a general overview or  big picture thought. By no means should anyone take these numbers and try to base their home value off that. If you are interested in having me do an in depth analysis of your home, using several factors including, build year, size, beds, baths, views, specific location , construction type etc, I would be happy to do so.


If you know of someone that is thinking about selling this year, feel free to share!