Does everyone have the right to live free from violence?

When I first sat down with Carmen Hubbs and Ashley Wilson of Rise Above Violence to learn more about their organization , a statement Carmen made both set me back in my chair, and deeply endeared me to her passion...

 "Our goal is to work our way out of a job."

I knew I could get behind that.  I have always felt it is the responsibility and privilege of the common people, to provide, protect and support those who are need of provision, protection and support.


Rise Above Violence has a primary mission to assist victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, and they are making a big difference in Archuleta County.


April was Sexual Assault Awareness month, so Sherpa Real Estate made the decision to donate proceeds from several of our real estate transactions to them.



They have made certain that…

  •  Over 400 victims of violence will have immediate access to an advocate 24-hours a day.
  • 900 students receive valuable education on keeping themselves and their peers safe. 
  • Nearly 100 victims have an advocate with them, in person, immediately after a traumatic event, any time day or night.
  • Spanish-speaking individuals receive the same quality of advocacy and support services as all others do.
  • 200 victims fully understand, engage in and exercise their rights through civil and criminal justice advocacy.
  • 50 middle and high school students, women and children can attend support groups to receive counseling and therapeutic assistance.
  • Men, women and children will not be homeless or destitute due to their victimization. Over 40 will have help with rent, utilities, food, childcare, and transportation.
  • Over 25 girls grades 3rd – 6th can participate in Girls on the Run, a national girl empowerment program, strengthening self-image and promoting anti-bullying and respect of diversity in others.
  • Over 30 middle school wrestlers will participate in Coaching Boys to Men, teaching core values of respect and equality.



Thank you to all the hard working people at RAV that give of themselves to this great endeavor!

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The Richardson family donates to Dust2

A big bonus to living in this small community is our incredible "backyard". The San Juan mountains and the growing network of trails, both forest and urban,  that surround us, is something we try not to take for granted. The Richardson Family feels that way as well and they hope to instill that same love to their son and the myriad of other young Pagosan's growing up here. 

 So when they sold their first home last week it was no question for them to donate to DUST2.

DUST2 is a local non- profit whose mission is "Promoting active lifestyles in Archuleta County youth through the development of a junior mountain bike team and championing the construction of an urban trail system connecting community, schools and town parks."

Thank you Triston, Brandy, and Levi. Thank you DUST2 and all of the hard work that this group has put in that goes toward helping the kids in our community be able to do more outside and embrace our active lifestyle.

Richardson Donation-9415.jpg

$1549 given to Pagosa Springs Senior Center

A couple of weeks ago we took a walk around the Pagosa Springs Senior Center and are so thankful to our recent donor Marilyn for getting these guys on our radar.  Walking the center with Cheryl and meeting her team was an eye opening experience to what they provide our community.

While most of us are aware the center provides warm meals to our seniors (and actually to anyone) from the facilities during the week. They also provide a network of community support and interaction with others.


We were also excited to learn they head up our local Meals on Wheels campaign too. Making and distributing all the meals 5 days a week. They have a chef, Justin, who takes the time each month to review and customize the meals so our homebound community doesn't get to bored with what they are eating. That volunteers distribute the meals on a daily basis and many of them have formed more valuable, life saving relationships with their recipients. 

We are so thankful to Marilyn for choosing this wonderful organization. We hope it will help in so many ways. 





$1980 Donated to Feed The Children

Recently, the Goeckner family selected the local Rotary clubs' Food For Children  program to be the recipient of the donation from the proceeds of their land purchase

Shawn and Vicki bought a second home here in Pagosa several years ago with Chris. They are now in the early building stages of their dream home on a beautiful piece of land just north of town!

Shown here, the program's coordinators Jo Bridges and Lassie Owen receive the check presented by Shawn and Vicki Goeckner and their daughter, Gabrielle.


 Food For Children is a joint project of the local Morning Rotary Club and the Pagosa Rotary Club. 

If you would like to know how to partner with Sherpa Real Estate for any of your real estate transactions, and be able to give to YOUR favorite charity, give us a call!

Homes SOLD stats for Archuleta county for the last 12 months

I am stopped almost everywhere I go and am asked the question..."How is the market right now for homes?" 

It's hard to drive any street in Pagosa Springs, or Archuleta county, and not see a flurry of building and selling activity, especially now that spring has sprung.

Below is a very simple representation of 2 of the many key factors we use to determine the answer to the questions 'How is the market?"


Currently, for the month of May, number of sales are up 37% from last year.

This represents the number of sold residential units, county wide, year over year. These are single family , stick built units. Not condos, town homes or mobile homes.

This represents the number of sold residential units, county wide, year over year. These are single family , stick built units. Not condos, town homes or mobile homes.

Currently, for the month of May, Price Per Square Foot is up 11% from last year.

This chart shows the average SOLD price per square foot year over year. This represents a normalized sample of homes in the Pagosa Lakes area.  Using a specific group gives a more accurate representation of market flow .

This chart shows the average SOLD price per square foot year over year. This represents a normalized sample of homes in the Pagosa Lakes area. Using a specific group gives a more accurate representation of market flow.

You may find it curious that the 4th quarter of 2016 shows a decrease in both unit sales and value per square foot. This is most likely due to consumers holding their breath a bit just before the election. This is common on election years.

Jackson Family Donates $1,111 to Spring Creek Horse Rescue

James and Summer are familiar with giving back. At least in our eyes they do as as they work tirelessly for Pagosa Springs EMS helping others on a daily basis. 

Having lived in Pagosa for about 2 years they decided to grow some roots and called us to help them through the process. We are so glad they did because these two have been an absolute dream to work with in the purchase of their first home!

When asked where  they  wanted to give , they said Spring Creek Horse Rescue in Durango with out missing a beat. James and Summer volunteer on a regular basis and see the need of this wonderful organization. 

Thanks to fantastic clients like James and Summer who partner with us, we are able to continue giving to the community around us through Real Estate transactions!


If you are not familiar with Sherpa's Real Estate Give-Back philosophy, check it out HERE